Print Pricelist Now MCM Computers Price List 20/08/17
After over 21 years in business MCM will be closing on 5th September 2015.
148 Cowley Road
Tel: 01865 204794
Graphics CardsexVAT | incVAT
Geforce GT620 2048MB DDR3 PCIE41.6349.95
GEforce GTX 650 !024MB DDR382.5099.00
GEforce GT610 2048 DDR332.0838.50
Geforce GT440 2048MB DDR3 HDMI/DVI/VGA51.6762.00
Geforce GTX560 1024MB DDR5 DVI/VGA/HDMI95.83115.00
Geforce 210 1024MB DDR3 DVI/VGA/HDMI24.9229.90
Geforce GT610 2048MB DDR332.0838.50
Gigabyte GV-N630D3-1GI 2GB PCIE49.1759.00
GeForce Nvidia GV-N650OC-1GI 1GB PCIE78.3394.00
Geforce GTX750 1GB DDR591.67110.00
MiceexVAT | incVAT
GEL Wrist Rest Mouse Pad6.387.66
Trust Eqido Wireless Mini Mouse - Red9.5811.50
Logitech Cordless M187 Mouse16.6619.99
Logitech Wireless Mouse M18514.9917.99
Wireless Sweex Mouse8.299.95
M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse optical 5 button USB10.4212.50
Computer CasesexVAT | incVAT
Midi Case with 400W PSU27.2332.68
Aopen MiniTower Case with 350W PSU30.0036.00
Antec Tower ATX Black26.2531.50
Sound CardsexVAT | incVAT
Trust Multi Media HUB for Audio Control Devices12.7715.32
3D Sound Card 5.1 Full Duplex8.099.70
Genius 5.1 PCI Sound Card11.8714.25
3D Sound Card 8 Channel with SPDIF11.0613.28
Trust 5.1 External Surround Sound Card USB25.0030.00
Xonar D2X PCI Express 7.1 Channel Ultra high79.1795.00
New NotebooksexVAT | incVAT
Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 Laptop 4GB,500Gb Pentium190.83229.00
Memory/RAMexVAT | incVAT
512MB PC3200 DDR RAM DDR113.3316.00
256MB DDR400(3200) Life time Warranty Kingston10.4312.52
1GB PC3200 DDR RAM Kingston 400Mhz15.0018.00
1 GB DDR2-SDRAM PC2-6400 KINGSTON15.0018.00
2 GB DDR2 RAM PC2-6400 KINGSTON29.1735.00
2.0GB DDR3 1600MHZ Kingston17.0020.40
2.0GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingston ValueRAM16.0019.20
1GB DDR3 Kingston 1066MHz PC3-850010.0012.00
4GB (single) Kingston DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop29.0034.80
8.0GB Kingston DDR3 -133351.6762.00
4GB Corsair DDR3 SO-DIMM PC3-10666 (1333) Laptop29.5835.50
1GB KVR400X64 DDR1 Sodimm43.3352.00
Hard Disk DrivesexVAT | incVAT
Seagate Barracuda 1.0TB 7200RPM 64M Cash41.6349.95
WD SERIAL 1TB UDMA300 WD10EARX 64MB49.1759.00
Sata and IDE Converter5.116.13
WD Scorpio Blue 500GB SATA 2.5" int.37.5045.00
WD 500GB 3.5" Int. SATA 16MB35.8343.00
Kingston 240GB SSDNow V30077.0892.50
WD 2.0TB Internal 3.5" Desktop63.2975.95
Fans (CPUs & Cases)exVAT | incVAT
Heatsink Fan Pentium P4 Socket 7755.746.89
Heatsink Fan for AM2 - CPU5.957.14
Fan for Computer Case 80X80mm 3Pins Plug2.553.06
Cooling Fan for VGA / Motherboard Chipset3.834.60
Cooler Master Heatsink Fan for AMD upto 2.6GHz8.5110.21
Heatsink And Fan for AMD upto 2.0Ghz CPU4.255.10
Heatsink Fan For AMD Socket A & Athlon upto 1.2MHz5.116.13
ARCTIC AC-ALP-7 P4 (S775)up to 4.4Ghz Cooling8.099.70
Silicon Heatsink CPU Cooling Paste3.133.75
Titan System Exhaust Blower (Inside PCI Slot)4.255.10
3.5"/5.25" HDD Mounting Cooler Kit for High Cooling12.7715.32
Chipset and VGA Cooler Fan with Heatsink5.536.64
VGA Chipset Cooler Fan kit6.507.80
Heatsink Fan for Skt 754/939/940 Arctic Cooling13.8316.60
Silver Oxide Compound Thermal Heatsink Paste3.043.65
Thermaltake Silent 1156 Cpu Cooler for intel21.2725.52
Arctic Alpine 11 GT Rev.2 for Intel CPU7.929.50
Artic Alpine 64 GT Rev.2 for AMD CPU Fan8.139.75
Gamepads & JoysticksexVAT | incVAT
Trust Sight Fighter Plus8.5110.21
Dual Stick Gamepad GM-152012.6115.13
Digital & Web CameraexVAT | incVAT
Trust SpotLight Webcam Pro17.3820.86
BatteriesexVAT | incVAT
3.6V Computer Battery5.116.13
3.6V Lithium Rechargeable Computer Battery4.255.10
4.5V Computer Clock Battery6.818.17
AA High Capacity Computer Battery8.5110.21
Battery 4.5V Alkaline6.818.17
CR2032 3V Coin Cell Battery for Motherboard1.581.90
TFT/LCD MonitorsexVAT | incVAT
Hanns G 19 inch TFT LCD Display 5ms89.36107.23
Iiyama ProLite E2482HSD (23.6 inch) LED Backlit LCD Monitor124.17149.00
Edge10 EF240a 23.6 inch LED Monitor DVI Black101.67122.00
Hanns-G HE195 19" LCD Monitor60.7972.95
Backup PowerexVAT | incVAT
Dynamode Ups 850VA 510watts 230v 50hz40.0048.00
Surge ProtectorsexVAT | incVAT
Surge Protector for PC 4Plugs 2m5.656.78
Surge+RFI Protected With RFI Filter Strip 4 Pugs6.918.30
6 Plug Surge Protected Extension 2M6.387.66
Power Supply (PSU)exVAT | incVAT
Power supply regulated 1000mA 3.0-12V DC7.629.14
Power Extension 4 Way Power Lead 2M Length3.544.25
UK to International Travel Adaptor2.082.50
2pin to 3pin UK Power Adaptor1.742.09
20 to 24pin Power Supply Adapter ATX2.923.50
ANTEC TRUEPOWER TRIO 650W A/PFC Retail80.0096.00
FSP550-60PLN Power Supply60.0072.00
Antec 650W Earthwatts PSU Green62.5075.00
Antec CP-850W PSU89.36107.23
400W Power Supply15.8318.99
500W Power Supply20.7924.95
Corsair CX 750W PSU - 80plus Modular69.0082.80
Corsair 600W CXM Builder Modular 80 Plus54.1765.00
Antec 450W Power Supply38.3346.00
Corsair CX430 CX Modular38.3346.00
AOpen AO300-12APNF ATX Desktop PC Power Supply 300Watt (new)20.0024.00
DVD-RW & CD-RW DrivesexVAT | incVAT
DVD To TV Connection Cable Kit 5M Length6.818.17
NEC /Samsung NOTEBOOK DVDRW 8x6x8x8x30.0036.00
Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7710H 8x DVD±RW Slimline Drive SATA30.0036.00
Samsung Slim External DVD Writer Super Writemaster30.8336.99
Samsung DVD-RW WriteMaster SH-223 S-ATA Retail Box19.5823.50
Floppy/ZIP DrivesexVAT | incVAT
Adapter For 3.5inch to 5.25inch for floppy/Zip drive4.255.10
Floppy Drive internal 1.4MB 3.56.778.12
Floppy Drive Lock Kit6.818.17
LS-120MB Floppy Disks (120MB Disk) Media4.685.62
USB Floppy Drive 1.44MB (External)12.4614.95
Alps Floppy Drive OEM Black6.778.12
Blank CD-R, RW MediaexVAT | incVAT
TDK CD-R 700MB/80Min 52x (10 Discs)4.685.62
Single CD-R 700MB/80Min 52x (in Sleeve)0.430.52
Traxdata 50CD-R 52X Printable6.888.25
New SystemsexVAT | incVAT
MCM GamerPC AMD Fx6300 CPU 8GB-DD3, Win 7457.50549.00
MCM BareBone A6-6400K FM2, DDR3 4.0G, 500GB199.17239.00
Apple Mac Mini 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo, 512DDR, 60GB339.57407.49
MCM Gamer Intel i7 System Extreme Gaming PC562.50675.00
MCM Intel Pentium G2020, 4GB,500Gb, windows7 (or win8)290.83349.00
MCM Gamer Intel i5 System with 8GB DDR3 RAM520.83625.00
Aspire Xc 1TB,win8, 6gb AMD 2500249.17299.00
KeyboardsexVAT | incVAT
Gel Extra Comfort Wrist Rest for Keyboard users6.818.17
Adaptor Cable for AT Serial (5Pin) PS2 6Pin1.491.79
PS2 'Y' Adaptor for Laptop Keyboard & Mouse2.503.00
Red Roll Up Waterproof Flexible Keyboard7.629.14
Tablets & AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
Trust Preme Wireless Laser Presenter30.0036.00
Cleaning EquipmentexVAT | incVAT
CD-Rom DV-Rom Laser Lens Cleaner3.133.75
WIPES for Monitor, PC, Notebook (24 x SACHETS)3.293.95
Paper and Transparency FilmsexVAT | incVAT
Inkjet Transparency Film (single sheet)0.580.69
Paper (11 x 14.5\")PAPER15.0018.00
Paper Continuous 60GSM (11x9.5")10.8313.00
Transparency A4 Size (50 Sheets)Universal12.7715.32
20 A4 Laminating Pouches 250 Microns5.116.13
20 A4 Laminating Pouches 160 Microns5.116.13
50 A4 Laminating Pouches 160 Micron8.5110.21
20 A3 Laminating Pouches 160 Micron5.116.13
50 A3 Laminating Pouches 160 Micron10.2112.26
100 A3 Laminating Pouches 160 Micron12.7715.32
50 A3 Laminating Pouches 250 Micron10.2112.26
Premium Glossy Photo Paper3.834.60
100 Glossy White CD/DVD Labels5.917.10
PC I/O CardsexVAT | incVAT
2 Port Serial/Parallel PCI Card14.0416.85
Serial port PCI (single port)9.9611.95
PCI Single Parallel Port Card11.0213.23
Firewire 1394A 2-Ports PCI Card Low profile8.099.70
Firewire 1394 Controller PCI Card 4Ports11.9114.29
PCI SATA + Ultra ATA133 Combo Card with RAID11.8714.25
56K Modem PCI6.818.17
PCI-Express Combo Card SATAII +IDE14.1316.95
USb3.0 PCI-Express 2 ports card14.1316.95
PrintersexVAT | incVAT
USB Cable A to B 1.8M *FREE DELIVERY*3.293.95
EPson XP-225 all in one PRinter53.3364.00
Mics & HeadsetsexVAT | incVAT
Trust Multi Function Headset5.216.25
Stereo Headphone with Microphone High quality Sound6.387.66
Headphones with mic Backheld4.345.21
USB Stereo Headset with Mic10.2012.25
Headset Stereo with Microphone3.914.70
Trust Microphone High Sensitive MC-12003.754.50
Clip-on Condenser microphone CPT-15GX3.193.83
White Foldable Stereo Headphones with inline microphone6.257.50
USB ProductsexVAT | incVAT
USB 2 Sockets Back Plate from Motherboard3.834.60
USB 2.0 Cable ('A' to 'B') 2M3.293.95
USB 2.0 5M A to B Cable for Printer etc5.116.13
A-Female to A-Female USB Gender Changer2.513.01
USB to Parallel IEEE-1284(Centronics) Adaptor8.4710.16
USB 1.1 mini 4-Ports Hub USB
USB2.0 2 Sockets Back Plate for Case from Motherboard4.255.10
USB to PS2 Adapter Cable4.164.99
Trust Mini Notebook Docking Station 510DS10.2112.26
USB Front Panel Docking Station USD-32510.0012.00
USB 2.0 4 ports Hub Front Panel 3.5"8.5110.21
USB 2.0 IRDA15.2318.28
USB to Mic and Speaker Adaptor5.426.50
USB All in 1 Card Reader8.4710.16
USB2.0 4-Port Active Hub (no power)4.855.82
USB Audio Adapter with Mic port4.134.95
USB Cable A to B 1.8M *FREE DELIVERY*3.293.95
7-in-1 PSP Accessory Pack GM-5300p10.2112.26
Tust USB Gamepad GM-12008.5110.21
USB - SD Adapter card reader Convenient and Portable Pen5.066.08
USB eSATA Convertor6.778.12
USB Link Data Transfer Cable8.099.70
USB Car Charger Adaptor3.404.07
USB Link Cable for Windows Vista9.9511.94
Trust 4 Port USB2 Mini Hub6.918.30
80-in-1 Internal Card Reader/Writer5.957.14
7 Port Slimline USB 2.0 Hub with Power10.4212.50
USB 2.0 hi-Speed 4 Port Hub with Power7.498.99
10in1 USB Multi Charger Cable for Mobile phones5.426.50
USB - MHL to HDMI TV-Out Adapter for Samsung Galaxy9.9911.99
USB 3.0 4 Port Hub 5gbs small and slim7.468.95
Gender Changers & AdaptorsexVAT | incVAT
Gender Changer 25Ways Male to Male2.132.55
Adapter For AT or Serial (9Pin) to PS2 Mouse2.342.81
Adaptor 9-Way 'D' Socket to 25-Way 'D' Plug3.404.08
Adaptor 25-way 'D' to 9way 'D' Plug2.342.81
Gender Changer 25-Way 'D' Female to Female1.621.94
Gender Changer 9Way 'D' Male to Male2.132.55
Adaptor Cable for AT Serial (5Pin) PS2 6Pin1.491.79
Adaptor Cable for PS2 6Pin to AT 5Pin1.732.08
AT or Serial Adaptor For PS2 Keyboard2.553.06
AC Adapter Regulated PSU 3V to 12V 1000ma6.818.17
Data Switch 25Ways 2 to 1 Manual5.967.15
Data Switch 2 to 1 for Monitor(VGA)and PS210.2312.28
Gender Changer 25Pin Female to Female0.851.02
Gender Changer 9Pin Female to Female1.912.30
Gender Changer VGA DB15HD Female to Female3.293.95
Gender Changer Vga Male to Male HD153.333.99
DB15HD Monitor 15Pin Male to Male Gender Changer3.333.99
Parrallel Switch Box 2 to 18.099.70
PS2 'Y' Adaptor for Laptop Keyboard & Mouse2.503.00
RJ45 Coupler Female to Female Straight1.672.00
Switch Box For VGA 2 to 1 Manual10.2112.26
SATA Power Splitter Cable to Molex1.962.35
UK Visitors Travel Adaptor2.983.57
UK to International Travel Adaptor2.082.50
2pin to 3pin UK Power Adaptor1.742.09
HDMI to VGA + Audio Adaptor12.4614.95
CD LabellingexVAT | incVAT
Unbranded white 50 CD Labels2.553.06
CD/DVD Marker Pen 4 in Retail pack1.672.00
General AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
3.5" Front Panel Multifunction I/O Ports9.0010.80
Antistatic Wrist Strap4.044.85
A4 Copy Holder6.818.17
Cable Easy Wrap - Shimono5.066.08
17" Notebook Carry Bag11.0613.27
3.5" to 5.25" Hard Drive Mounting Adapter Converter Kit2.082.50
2.5" HDD/SSD bracket4.965.95
Audio/VideoexVAT | incVAT
DVD To TV Connection Cable Kit 5M Length6.818.17
Digital Audio Cable2.152.58
Mini Headphone Splitter Lead/Stereo to Mono3.404.08
3.5mm Jack Plug to 2 Phono Plugs(Stereo Cable)1.2M2.292.75
3.5mm Jack Plug to 2 Phono Plugs(Stereo Cable)3M2.923.50
Scart Lead with Scart Plugs4.255.10
Scart Lead with 4Pin DIN and 2Phono Plugs3.404.08
Stereo Jack Plug 3.5mm to Stereo Socket 6.3mm3.333.99
Stereo Jack Plug 3.5mm to Stereo Jack Plug3.5mm 1.5M2.132.55
Video and Stereo Audio Scart Adaptor3.404.07
Video/Camcorder Leads3.404.08
DVD Kit PC To TV Connection 5M Length8.5110.21
Cable Connection Audio 1.2m3.404.08
Cable Connection Audio 5m4.515.41
Audio Cable from CD-ROM to Sound Card1.661.99
Scart Plug to 2 Phono Plugs + 4 pin S-VHS 1.5 mtr4.255.10
Scart to 2 Phono Plugs 1.2m4.255.10
3.5mm Stereo Jack Extension Lead 1M2.402.88
3.5 mm Stereo Jack Plug to Socket (Extension)3.404.08
4 Pin SVHS to 4 Pin SVHS 2M3.404.08
4 Pin SVHS to 4 Pin SVHS 5mtr4.255.10
2 Phono Plugs to 2 Phono Plugs Cable3.404.08
6.35mm Mono Jack Plug to Plug Lead 1mtr3.404.08
Scart Plug to Scart Socket Lead4.255.10
Audio/Video connectors Lead3.404.08
Video/Cable 3xPhono to 3xPhono 3 Metres4.255.10
Audio/Cables 2xPhono to 2xPhono 5 Metre3.404.08
3.5mm Jack Plug to 2 Phono Plugs(Stereo Cable)10M5.426.50
Stereo Plug to 2x3.5mm Stereo Jack2.553.06
MIDI Keyboard Cable+"CE"Mark Game MIDI-IN/OUT Port6.387.66
Optical Lead for Audio 2M5.116.13
2x1/4mm Stereo-Jacks to 1/4mm Stereo Plug1.702.04
3.5mm Stereo Female to 1/4" Stereo Male1.702.04
3.5mm Mono Plug Male to 1/4" Female Stereo1.702.04
1/4" Plug (Mono) to 2RCA Plugs5.116.13
F TypePlug to Plug 10M for Satellite/Dish/DSL Modem Cable10.0012.00
F type Plug to Plug 5M forSatellite/Dish/DSL Modem Cable6.678.00
F-Type Satellite Cable Coupler / Connector0.871.04
F Type plug to Coax Plug 1.0M for TV & Satellite4.965.95
Scart Lead to 3 Scart Sockets (Switched)4.044.85
3.55mm Jack Stereo Plug to Stereo Plug 1.2M2.082.50
Earphone Splitter2.983.57
F Type Female to Female Satellite Cable Coupler1.661.99
F Plug Connectors Satellite LNB Cable Plug1.251.50
USB Midi Cable9.5811.50
3.5mm 4-Pole jack plug to plug Cable 1.0M3.133.75
Keyboard/JoystickexVAT | incVAT
Joystick Splitter Cable 1 to 2 Ports3.364.03
PS2 Keyboard/Mouse Ext. Lead 2M3.414.09
PS2 Keyboard/Mouse Ext. Lead 5M4.255.10
PS2 Splitter Y Cable (Keyboard and Mouse)5.116.13
Monitor/Video/DVIexVAT | incVAT
2M Extension Lead SVGA Male to Female5.006.00
3M Extension Monitor Lead High Quality Screened6.257.50
3M VGA Male to Male (15Pins) For TV & PC7.999.59
5M VGA Male to VGA Male Cable (15Pins)8.5010.20
Monitor Cable 9Pin Male to 9Pin Male5.116.13
Monitor Extension Lead Male to Female SVGA (1.8M)5.006.00
Monitor Lead 5BNC to 15Pin PLug6.818.17
Power Extension Lead (Monitor) Mains (Male to Female)3.404.08
KVM Switch Cable(PS2 / SVGA)5.116.13
DVI to DVI Single Link Cable 2M6.808.16
DVI to DVI Dual Link Cable 2M10.0012.00
DVI Male to VGA Female Adaptor *FREE DELIVERY*5.006.00
DVI male to VGA male Cable 5M13.0015.60
20M HD15 M/M SVGA Monitor Cable (Foil/Tinned Sheilding)13.3316.00
DVI Female to VGA Male Adaptor *FREE DELIVERY*5.006.00
4 Port Auto KVM Switch with cables40.0048.00
20M HD15 F/M SVGA Monitor Extensaion (Foil/Tinned)20.0024.00
10M HD15Pins Male to Male VGA For TV & Monitor12.7715.32
DVI Monitor Cable HDMI Male to DVI Male 3.0M8.099.70
HDMI Male to HDMI Male 5M Gold Premium Cable10.4312.52
DVI male to VGA male Cable 2M8.309.96
Edimax 2Ports PS2 KVM Switch with cables and audio21.7426.09
2M VGA Male to Male Cable (15pins)For TV & PC5.536.64
USB 2 Port KVM Switch Wiretek18.7222.47
PS/2 KVM Switch 2 Port Wiretek11.9114.30
Apple Mini-DP to HDMI 20cm cable10.4212.50
Mivi DVI to HDMI Female 20cm12.7615.31
Mini-DP to DVI Adapter12.7615.31
CCTV CABLE 30M DC+BNC13.2915.95
Phone/Connectors/JacksexVAT | incVAT
Telephone Extension Lead 5M3.334.00
Telephone Extension Lead 10M4.175.00
Telephone Extension Lead 20M5.006.00
Telephone Socket Double Adapter1.672.00
RJ11 Socket to BT Telephone Plug Converter Adaptor2.603.12
Doubler Phone Adaptor 1 to 2 Output3.404.08
Duplex Phone Adaptor with 2 Outlets5.116.13
Modem Cable UK Telephone plug to RJ11 plug2.613.13
Modem Lead RJ11 to RJ113.404.08
Modem Telephone Travel Kit2.462.95
Phone Modular In-Line Couplers1.631.95
RJ11 to UK Telephone Line Adaptor5.426.50
UK Telephone Socket to RJ11 Plug Adapter2.613.13
ADSL Micro Filter2.503.00
CPUs - AMDexVAT | incVAT
Heatsink Fan for Skt 754/939/940 Arctic Cooling13.8316.60
AMD FX 6300 Black Edition Six Core Processor Socket AM3+78.3394.00
AMD APU A6 6400K FM2 Black Retail46.6756.00
TV Cables & AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
Aerial Fly Lead 2M Length2.553.06
Computer to Television Lead 2M Length4.255.10
Scart Lead4.255.10
TV Aerial Fly Lead 4M Length3.404.08
TV Aerial/Antenna UHF Indoor5.116.13
TV Fly Lead Male to Female 2M Length2.553.06
Parallel & SerialexVAT | incVAT
9Pin Female to 9Pin Male Extension for Serial port3.404.07
25Way M/M Lead All Pins Connected 10M12.2514.70
Cable 25Male to 25Male Plug 2M4.255.10
25Way Male 25Way Female 3M Length3.364.03
25 Way Male to Female Cable Extension 5M Length8.5110.21
Adapter 9Way Plug to 25Way Socket4.255.10
Adapter 9Way Socket to 25Way Plug4.255.10
HP Laser Jet Printer Parallel Cable 25Pin to HP Centronics8.5110.21
Lead 25Pin Male to 25Pin Female Plug Extension Lead3.364.03
Serial Cable 9Pin Male to 9 Pin Female3.364.03
Parallel Printer Lead Moulded 10M12.7215.27
Parallel Printer Lead Moulded IE1284 2M3.404.08
PC Null Modem Lead Serial 9Pin/25Pin Lap Link 2M5.116.13
PC Null Modem Serial 9 & 25 to 9 & 25 Pin Laplink Cable 5M10.2112.25
PC Link Null Modem Serial 9/25PIN Laplink 10M10.8713.04
USB CablesexVAT | incVAT
USB Cable A to B 4.5M *FREE DELIVERY*4.585.50
USB 2.0 Cable 'A' to 'B' Printer Lead 1.8M Length3.404.08
USB Extension Cable A male to A female (1.8M)3.474.16
USB 2.0 Extension Cable A male to A male (3.0M)3.364.03
USB Extension Lead A to A 3 MLength3.334.00
USB 1.1 mini 4-Ports Hub USB
USB 2.0 to Mini Male 4Pin Mits End Cable3.834.60
USB 2.0 to 5Pin Mini cable (for Camera &phones)3.293.95
USB 2.0 to Serial Port 9pin Adaptor8.4310.11
USB Cable A to B 1.8M *FREE DELIVERY*3.293.95
USB2.0 4-Port Active Hub with over current protection.4.895.87
USB 2.0 (A male to A Female) Active Extension 5M7.238.68
USB 2.0 to Serial Port 9pin Adaptor5.836.99
USB 3.0 Cable A to B 1.8M5.796.95
USB 3.0 A MALE TO Micro B MALE5.636.75
Other CablesexVAT | incVAT
Mains Power Lead for Computers 3 Pins3.133.75
Floppy Drive Cable (Main Data Cable) MotherBoard2.553.06
Hard Disk IDE Data Cable UDMA 66/100/1332.613.13
IDE Data Cable for Hard Disk/CD-Rom 1M Length6.958.34
Main Power Lead 3Pins to Mains5.006.00
Main Power Lead for Laptop Figure8 to UK Plug3.474.16
Power Lead Extension (3pin Male to 3Pin Female)2.603.12
Power Splitter Cable Internal CPUs2.082.50
Round Floppy Disk Cable5.426.50
Round IDE Cable Internal ATA 1008.5110.21
Serial ATA Cable (DATA) for Hard Drives1.742.09
eSATA II External Cable 1.0M3.364.03
Sata internal Power Cable1.672.00
Serial ATA (DATA) cable 1M3.333.99
Network CardsexVAT | incVAT
Gigabit PCIe Network Adapter Card for Servers9.9211.90
USB 2.0 Lan 10/100 Ethernet Network Adapter8.299.95
54 Mbps Wireless Cardbus Notebook Network Adapter14.3817.26
10/100 PCI Ethernet Network Card5.796.95
PCI-e 150Mbps Wireless Lite N PCI Express Adapter13.6116.33
AV200+ Multi-Streaming Powerline Adapter30.0036.00
3 Mobile Huawei E353U Prepay 1GB - Black22.4926.99
USB Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0 for imac /pc11.6313.95
Hubs & RoutersexVAT | incVAT
5 Ports Switch Hub 10/1008.299.95
8 Ports Switch Hub 10/1009.5811.50
150Mbps Wireless Router18.3322.00
Trust WiFi Hot Spot Finder20.0024.00
24 Ports Ethernet Switch Hub 10/10040.0048.00
16 Ports Ethernet Switch 10/10025.0030.00
5 Ports Gigabit Switch 10/100/100020.0024.00
Ethernet IDE 3.5" Lan Enclosure (NAS)30.0036.00
TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless Lite N ADSL2+ Modem Router32.3438.81
Power over Ethernet Adapter Kit20.0024.00
TP-Link PowerLine Adapter Starter Kit16.6319.95
Powerline 300Mbps Extender kit WPA281Kit39.9647.95
Laser Printer ConsumablesexVAT | incVAT
Brother HL/1240/1250/8350 Toner (TN6300)39.0046.80
Brother HL/1240/1250/8350 Toner (TN6600)50.0060.00
HP 03A Laser Toner Cartridge For Laser 5P/6P/6MP44.0052.80
HP 15A Laser Toner Cartridge 1000-1200 Series40.0048.00
Samsung ML-1210D3 Laser Toner Cartridge Original47.7857.34
Samsung ML-4500D3 Laser Toner Cartridge40.8349.00
Remanufactured Laser Toner - compatible RH-Q2612A24.1729.00
Canon Black Laser Toner Cartridge E3021.2825.53
Canon Black Laser Toner Cartridge FX310.0012.00
Canon Black Laser Toner Cartridge A3017.0220.43
Philips Laser Ink Toner PFA72150.0060.00
Brother Laser Ink Toner DR-30050.0060.00
Canon Black Laser Toner FX430.0036.00
Canon Black Laser Toner Cartridge 701/ 303/ 70323.8328.60
Philips Ink-Film PFA30123.5028.20
Samsung Remanufactured Ink Laser Toner RS-ML1610/201031.4537.74
Dell Laser Toner Remanufactured Cartridge D171030.6436.77
HP Color LaserJet C4193A Magenta Print Cartridge70.4284.50
Philips Laser ink Ribbon PFA 32219.7523.70
Sagem Ribbon Black TTR 900 w/ Gauge Card21.0225.22
Sharp Black Imaging Film UX-3CR4.605.52
Brother Toner Cartridge TN-20013.1915.83
Brother 2 Refill Rolls Black PC-202RF30.0036.00
Brother Toner Cartridge TN-10010.9513.14
Epson Colour Ribbon Cartridge S01507721.9626.35
Tally Genicom Toner Black 04454720.6524.78
Epson Developer Laser Cartridge Black C900/C190038.7546.50
Epson Developer Laser Magneta Cartridge C900/C190043.0051.60
Epson S015020 Ribbon Cartridge4.935.91
QMS Magicolor 2 Microfine Toner Cartridge Black38.7546.50
QMS Magicolor 2 Microfine Toner Cartridge Yellow38.7546.50
HP Laser Toner Cartridge 95A Original50.0060.00
Lexmark InkexVAT | incVAT
LEXMARK PHOTO 90 Colour Cartridge15.2318.28
LEX12A970: LEXMARK 12A1970 Black Cart15.6518.78
LEX12A980:LEXMARK 12A1980 Colour Cartridge21.7026.04
LEX13619HC:LEXMARK 13619HC Colour Cartridge13.6216.34
LEX17G0060: LEXMARK 17G0060 Colour Cartridge16.2519.50
Lexmark Black Ink Cartridge 12A197017.3820.86
Lexmark Black Ink Cartridge 13400HC12.7715.32
Lexmark Colour Ink Cartridge 10N022714.4717.36
Lexmark Colour Ink Cartridge 10N002618.7222.47
Lexmark Black 75 High Yield15.3218.38
Cleaning MaterialsexVAT | incVAT
CD Lens Cleaner5.116.13
CD Lens Cleaning Kit6.818.17
Foam Cleaner Antistatic Fellowes4.995.99
PC-Clene for Antistatice Device Cleaner5.106.12
IPA Solvent Cleaner4.164.99
Canon InkexVAT | incVAT
BC-32 Canon BJC4000 Colour/Black Inktank27.2332.68
BC-60 Canon Black Ink Cartridge For BJC700012.5015.00
BC-24 Canon colour Cartridge (compatible)2.503.00
BCI-11 Canon Black Cartridge For BJ70 (3 Packs)10.8312.99
BCI-11 Canon Colour Cartridge BJ70 Printer(3)11.9114.29
BCI-24 Black Ink Cartridge (compatible)2.172.61
BCI-3eBK Black Cartridge BJC6000 & BJC30007.669.19
BCI-3eC Cartridge BJC6000 & BJC3000 Cyan6.818.17
BCI-3eM Cartridge BJC6000 & BJC3000 Magneta6.818.17
BCI-3eY Cartridge BJC6000 & BJC3000 Yellow6.818.17
BJI-201 Black Ink Cartridge for BJC6006.818.17
Canon PG-40 40 black ink cartridge PG4014.9917.99
BCI-24 Black Ink Cartridge for S300 Printer5.917.10
Canon BCI-24 Colour for S200/300/i320 Series Printer11.9214.30
Canon PG-41 Color ink cartridge PG4118.2521.90
Canon Photo Ink BC-32e15.0018.00
Canon PG-510 Black Ink Cartridge12.0814.50
Canon CL-511 Colour Ink Cartridge14.9917.99
HP Hewlett Packard InkexVAT | incVAT
HP51645A Black Ink Cartridge No 4523.3328.00
HP-C6578D HP 78 Colour Cartridge7827.0832.50
HP-C6615A No 15 HP Black Ink Cartridge16.6319.95
HP C8728ae Genuine Color Cart No 2816.5819.90
HP 56 Genuine Black Ink Cartridge (19ml)13.9116.70
HP 57 Colour Cartridge14.1616.99
HP-C8767EE No. 339 Ink (Black)22.9227.50
HP-C8727AE No. 27 Ink (Black)14.9917.99
HP C9351AE Black Number 2110.8313.00
HP C9352AE Tri-Colour Number 2213.2915.95
HP336 C9362EE Black Ink11.6613.99
HP 350 - Black Ink Cartridge11.4613.75
HP351 CB337EE Original colour (3.5ml) ink cartridge12.4614.95
HP 364 Inkjet Cartridge Multipack Bk/C/M/Y21.6726.00
Epson InkexVAT | incVAT
Epson Multi Pack T0715 Original30.8336.99
Epson D78 T0711 Black Cart8.7510.50
Epson D78 T0712 Cyan Cart8.7510.50
Epson D78 T0713 Magneta Cart8.7510.50
Epson D78 T0714 Yellow Cart8.7510.50
Epson T0454 Yellow Ink6.818.17
Epson T0520 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge12.7715.32
Epson T009 Colour Ink11.4913.79
Epson T0511 Black Cartridge10.2112.26
Epson T008 Colour Cartridge9.3611.23
Epson T0334 Yellow Cartridge10.1512.18
Epson Multi Pack T0715 Compatible8.339.99
Dot Matrix ConsumablesexVAT | incVAT
Star Micronics 2 Black Nylon Ribbon Cassette12.5015.00
Compatible Ink CartridgesexVAT | incVAT
Refill Kit Colour Ink JR Universal6.818.17
Epson Stylus 440/640/740 Black Cart (SO20187)2.923.50
Epson Stylus 400/500/600 Colour (SO20089)2.923.50
Epson Stylus 400/500/600 Black Cart (SO20093)2.923.50
Epson Stylus 480/580 Compatible Black T0133.293.95
Epson Stylus 680 Compatible Black Cart (T017)2.923.50
Epson Stylus 680 Compatible Cart Colour (T018)2.923.50
Epson Stylus 480/580 Compatible Colour T0143.754.50
JR 60ml Colour Bottle5.116.13
JR 60ml Flush2.983.58
Cannon 4000 (BJC21C)compatible Colour Cart2.923.50
Refill Kit JR Black Ink Universal6.818.17
Epson Stylus 440/640/740 Colour (SO20191)4.255.10
Epson Stylus 750 Col Cart (SO20193)5.116.13
JR-60ml Black Ink Bottle6.818.17
Epson C42UX Black Ink Cartridge1.661.99
Epson C42UX Colour Ink Cartridge1.661.99
Epson Stylus C62, CX3200 Colour Cart Compatible2.923.50
Epson Stylus C62, CX3200 Black Cart Compatible2.923.50
Espon Stylus Black C42/C44/C462.553.06
Canon Black Ink Cartridge 8bk with chip Compatible2.923.50
Canon Yellow Ink Cartridge 8y with chip Compatible2.923.50
Canon Magenta Ink Cartridge 8m with chip Compatible2.923.50
Canon Cyan Ink Cartridge 8c with chip Compatible2.923.50
Canon Black Ink Cartridge 5BK with chip Compatible3.293.95
Brother IN-700 Black Ink Cartridge9.3611.23
Jet Tec Black MD529 Dell T052911.9114.30
Jet Tec Colour MD745 Dell 7Y74511.4913.79
Jet Tec Black C25 Inkjet Cartridge4.265.11
Jet Tec Colour M57 Inkjet Cartridge11.0613.28
Canon Black Ink Cartridge C-521BK Compatible2.923.50
Canon Yellow Ink Cartridge C-521Y Compatible2.923.50
Canon Magenta Ink Cartridge C-521M Compatible2.923.50
Canon Cyan Ink Cartridge C-521C Compatible2.923.50
Epson T1285 Multi Pack26.6732.00
Brother Black Ink Cartridge LC970BK Compatible3.293.95
Brother Cyan Ink Cartridge LC970C Compatible3.293.95
Jet Tec Compatible Epson Black E794.775.72
Brother Magenta Ink Cartridge LC970M Compatible5.116.13
Brother Yellow Ink Cartridge LC-970Y Compatible5.116.13
NEC Black nylon Ribbon for Pinwriter7.989.58
Epson T1285 Multipack Ink Cartridges Compatible12.5015.00
Dell 1320 Compatible Black toner cartridge 200012.5015.00
Network CablesexVAT | incVAT
RJ45 Coupler Female to Female Straight1.672.00
BNC Coaxial Network Cable 2M2.553.06
BNC Coaxial Network Cable 3M3.404.08
BNC Coaxial Network Cable 5M5.116.13
RJ45 Crossover Cat 5 Lead 5M5.116.13
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 10M5.917.10
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 15M6.387.66
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 20M7.238.68
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 30M11.6714.00
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 5M4.255.10
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 3M2.983.57
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 2M2.773.32
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 1M1.912.30
RJ45 Straight Cat e5 Ethernet Lead 1/2M1.912.30
Network Cable RJ45 Cat 5 Per Meter0.340.41
RJ45 Crossover Cat 5 Lead 3M3.293.95
RJ45 Single Socket Wall Plate3.404.08
Network AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
BNC Crimp Solderless Plug0.750.90
RJ45 Straight Cable (Joiner) Coupler Connector1.672.00
RJ45 Plug Connector (for Network UTP Lead)0.170.20
BNC Terminator for Coaxial Cable End Connector2.703.24
RJ45 Plug for Cat5 Network Cable0.170.20
BNC T Connector for Coaxial Network Connector2.513.01
RJ Plug Cover Shield0.340.41
RJ45 Socket Wall Face Plate4.175.00
Crimp Tool for RJ45 Plug / Coaxial Cable6.808.16
RJ45 T-Adapter Double RJ45 Socket Economiser6.818.17
Home Plug Ethernet Bridge Networking40.0048.00
SoftwareexVAT | incVAT
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OEM62.5075.00
Microsoft Windows Vista Business (OEM)100.00120.00
Microsoft windows 7 Home Premium (OEM)70.8385.00
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (OEM)100.00120.00
Panda Internet Security 2015 3 user22.0826.50
Notebook AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
Notebook Security Lock (Kensington)24.1729.00
Universal NoteBook Security Lock8.3310.00
Trust eSATA IIExpressCard IF-3800p25.4930.59
Dell Laptop Power Adaptor Charger Replacement16.6720.00
Dell PA21 AC Power Adaptor Hexagon Tip Replacement16.6720.00
Dell Latitude E4200 Laptop AC Adaptor30.0036.00
Notebook Cooler PAd '15.4'11.2513.50
Toshiba Satellite Charger 19.0V16.6720.00
Samsung Laptop Charger 19V 90W16.6720.00
Sony Laptop Charger 19.5V 92W16.6720.00
HP Pavillian Laptop Charger 18.5V 90W16.6720.00
Acer Aspire Laptop Charger16.6720.00
Lenovo IBM Thinkpad Replacement Laptop Charger16.6720.00
SD CardsexVAT | incVAT
2.0GB SD Card4.585.50
4.0GB SD Card3.964.75
Mini Card Reader for Memory Stick4.255.10
8 GB Sd Card5.426.50
16 GB SD Card9.5811.50
32GB SD Card SD HC15.0018.00
Kingston 64GB SD Card26.6732.00
AMD Chip MotherboardsexVAT | incVAT
ASRock AM2NF3-VSTA AMD Phenom Chipset39.1546.98
Asrock FM1 A55M-HVS Micro Atx40.0048.00
Asrock N68-GS3 UCC AMD39.1747.00
Asrock A75M/M/ASR AMD sock FM146.6756.00
Asrock A 960GC-GS FX AM3+ Micro ATX35.8343.00
GA-78LMT-USB3 Socket AM3+ mATX 760G AMD Motherboard40.0048.00
Gigabyte F2A88XM-HD3 Amd FM2 Socket44.1352.95
ASUS A55-M LK R2.0 FM1 Cosket40.0048.00
Intel Chip MotherboardsexVAT | incVAT
ASrock 1155 H61M-VS36.6343.95
Gigabyte H61M-S2PV socket 115540.8349.00
Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PV Socket 115040.0048.00
Refurbished ItemsexVAT | incVAT
Used: Zip Drive Internal 100Mb Panasonic JU-811T01220.0024.00
Used Item: Adaptec PCI Adapter Card (DB25 Port)10.0012.00
Used Item: Creative Sound Blaster Live! CT462010.0012.00
Used Item: Hauppauge WinTV PAL-B/GID/K-SECAM 34519 rev. G152 - C10.0012.00
Used Item: Creative Sound Blaster SZ10.0012.00
FireWire CablesexVAT | incVAT
Firewire 4Pin to 4Pin Cable 2M Length5.006.00
Firewire 6Pin to 4Pin Cable 2M Length5.006.00
Firewire 6Pin to 6Pin Cable 2M Length5.006.00
Firewire 800 to 400 Adaptor8.099.70
Firewire 9-Pin to 4-Pin 800/400 Cable IEEE1394b Rated8.5010.20
Firewire Cable 800 9Pin- 6-Pin 1.8M IEEE1394B - Black8.099.70
Firewire Cable 800 IEEE1394b 9pin male to 9pin male8.099.70
*Clearance Cables*exVAT | incVAT
SCSI 50/50 Male Centronics Plugs 2M7.088.50
SCSI Half Pitch 50 Way Male Plug to 50 Way Male 2M17.0220.42
SCSI Half Pitch 50 Way Plug to 68 Half Pitch plug 1M7.088.50
SCSI 7 Drive Cable Internal 50 Pins5.116.13
SCSI Cable 25Way 'D' Plug to 50 Way Centronics12.7715.32
SCSI Cable Internal 50 Pins Data Cable4.255.10
SCSI II System Cable12.7715.32
SCSI Half Pitch 50 pin D to Half Pitch 50 pin D 30cm5.116.13
Serial Port 9-Pin M to 2x5-pin Female1.491.79
CPUs - IntelexVAT | incVAT
Intel Pentium G2020 1155 cpu46.6756.00
Intel Pentium Dual Core G3220 3.00GHz Socket 1150 3MB Cache49.1759.00
Intel Core i3-4150 LGA 115080.0096.00
Intel core i5-4430 LGA1150118.33142.00
Blank DVD +R, -R, RW MediaexVAT | incVAT
Datawrite DVD-R 4.7GB 8x (50 Discs)7.789.34
10 Mirror Double Layer 8X 8.5GB Printable5.426.50
TDK 10 DVD+R (cake box)2.983.57
50 DVD-R Traxdata Printable7.719.25
Sleeves & Jewel CasesexVAT | incVAT
CD Case Dual for Single Cd (Pack of 10)1.702.04
CD Case Dual for Two Cd (Pack of 10)2.553.06
CD Carrying Case Wallet for 24-CDs Carrying3.404.09
DVD Case For Double DVD0.250.30
Sleeves Clear Plastic for DVD/CD (100 Pack)2.713.25
Sleeves White Paper for CD/DVD (100 Pack)2.923.50
Pens for Writing on CD/DVD (4 Pack)1.521.83
Ipod AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
USB 2.0 CABLE FOR IPOD/IPHONE with Dock Connector4.585.50
iPod Sound Station SP2990Wi25.0030.00
iPod Cassette Adaptor4.044.85
Laptop MemoryexVAT | incVAT
256MB PC133 (Kingston) Laptop SODIM Lifetime Warranty20.0024.00
256MB DDR PC2100 (Kingston) for Laptop Lifetime Warranty25.4930.59
512Mb 400MHz DDR SODIM Kingston Notebook Memory12.5015.00
Enclosure for Hard DrivesexVAT | incVAT
Hard Disk Adaptor for 2.5" to 3.5" Drive6.818.17
Just Cooler for Hard Drive HD-10010.0012.00
Mobile Rack For Hard Drive8.5110.21
USB 2.0 Portable 3.5" External Enclosure18.3021.96
Mobile Rack 2-Fan UDMA 133 IDE/USB10.0012.00
Hard Drive Mounting Cooler Kit for 3.5" to 5.25" HDD12.7715.32
External 3.5" Hard Disk Case USB 2.0 Combo13.3316.00
USB2.0 For 2.5" Hard Disk (laptop) Enclosure (IDE)7.498.99
Slim USB2.0 2.5" Caddy/Enclosure (SATA) Slim7.509.00
Aluminium Alloy HDD Cooler *FREE DEL*7.238.68
Laptop Hard DrivesexVAT | incVAT
500GB Scorpio Blue WD5000BEVT 2.5\"40.0048.00
HGST 2.5" Sata 500Gb Hard Drive33.3340.00
USB Flash DrivesexVAT | incVAT
USB Mobile Flash Drive 8.0GB5.426.50
USB 2.0 /3.0 Mobile Drive 16.0GB Kingston7.929.50
Mobile Drive 32.0GB USB 2 / 3 Flash Drive G415.0018.00
64GB USB 2 / USB3.0 Flash Drive25.0030.00
Apple AccessoriesexVAT | incVAT
1/2 AA 3.6V Lithium Apple mac Battery5.426.50
Apple 8Pin Printer Cable5.116.13
Apple Modem Cable3.404.09
Apple Printer Lead 8Pin Plug/25Wd5.426.50
Mac Hayes Computer Modem Cable6.818.17
Apple Mac Mini DVI to DVI Monitor Adapter Video Cable13.7516.50
Apple Mac Mini DVI to VGA Monitor adapter cable MacBook12.9215.50
PowerBook G4 / iBook / iPod / MacBook UK AC Plug5.426.50
Apple MacBook AC Adapter A118429.1735.00
AC Adapter Charger for APPLE Mac Book Pro 15" 17"29.1735.00
Apple Mini Display to VGA adapter12.5015.00
AC Adapter Charger for APPLE Mac Book Pro 65/85W29.1735.00
External USB 2.0 Hard DriveexVAT | incVAT
2.0 TB Seagate USB3.0 External HDD Seagate65.8379.00
HGST Touro Mobile 500GB USB 3.0 Ext Hard Disk40.0048.00
Transcend USB 3.0 1TB External Hard Disk52.5063.00
Toshiba 2.0TB External Hard Disk USB3.074.1789.00
Refurbished NotebooksexVAT | incVAT
Dell Refurbished157.50189.00
Kodak InkexVAT | incVAT
Kodak 10C Ink Cartridge Colour14.9617.95
Kodak 10XL Ink Cartridge Black12.2914.75
SpeakersexVAT | incVAT
SoundForce Trust 2 Piece Speakers7.659.18
CREATIVE A250 2.1 Speakers29.1735.00
CREATIVE T3150 WIRELESS 2.1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System50.8361.00
Genius SW-g2.1 Gaming Speakers 38W40.8349.00
Bluetooth ProductsexVAT | incVAT
Bluetooth USB Dongle4.134.95
CREATIVE T3150 WIRELESS 2.1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System50.8361.00
Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless For iPad Macbook Android and Others10.8312.99

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